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Massage from the Secretary


Indeed it is a pleasure and privilege to address old boys' fraternity of the Rahula College as its newly inducted Secretary to the Colombo Branch. Our beloved College is a renowned education institute in the Southern Province and served for its people in decades with a dedication and quality. That is why we the old boys who are operating in different social strata able to deliver our services to the country with pride and honor in outstanding manner. It is a stark truth and reality that we have been able to deliver our services to the country in this manner as well as lead a contended private life due to the great path finding services rendered by our college. In such a context our past teachers and principals come to the forefront and we have to remind them with our utmost respect. This great institution would have not been existed not only due to their great contributions but also due to the great support extended by the Old Boys Associations attached to our college. Therefore I take this opportunity to salute the great personalities those who have come forward to serve our old boys associations in the past.

OBA of the Rahula College, Colombo branch existed and rendered great service to our college as well as to its membership for the last 52 years. In the past we have been able to deliver multifaceted services to the college as well as to its membership. The association provides its services at the expense of its membership. Therefore true congratulations must go to the membership of this association who has come forward to rally around with the Colombo Branch.

Although we can talk with a satisfactory note of our association by looking at it retrospectively, still it is a question and challenge for us whether we can lead our association to produce more results that can satisfy the demands of 21st century. This applies for the producing results for the college as well as for our membership.
Keeping in this mind, the executive committee of the Colombo Branch this year has come forward with new program of actions to cater this challenge. One of the approaches of this program is to transform and equip the College with the novel attributes of 21st century education. On the other hand to make the Colombo branch a common place that renders welfare, recreation and pleasure of company to our membership.

I am quite sure, and I would wish at the end of the official tenure of this executive committee, you may be able to experience and enjoy a different taste of our branch association with a true satisfaction.


Nevertheless, none of this wishful thinking may not be able to transform in to its reality, if not our past school mates decided to rally around with the Association. Therefore my first appeal in this direction is towards the past Rahula mates and I beg from you to obtain membership from our association, especially the young generation who have passed out from the college recently. I wish you all well and satisfaction!