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  Karman   Message from Colombo Branch President Anuja Karman Wickremasinghe  

The main objective of our branch is to maintain the spirit of Rahula, and promote 'Rahulism' among the many generations of past pupils of the College, who are currently residing in Colombo and in its suburbs for the purpose of higher education or to engage in various professions and employments, by bringing them together under the banner of Rahula brotherhood. With this supreme aim at heart, in 1962 - exactly fifty one years ago - a group of our seniors living in Colombo, pioneered the move for founding the Colombo Branch, and today we owe them our highest respect and regard.

We are now looking at the second fifty years of our branch organization. The social environment of the future years appears to be fast changing in comparison with the period gone by. Globalization, Sri Lankan social fabric that keeps on transforming according to its processes, and the so-called innovative fashions and styles off-shooting from such processes are all challenging the cultural and traditional values, that have been preserved for ages by the people of our country. Yet, it has become our endowed responsibility to protect the great lifestyles that are hereditary to Ruhuna and to our own Rahula, from been victimised by such influences, One way out, I foresee towards such a step is to unite the past Rahulites as the brothers of the Rahula family, and promote those values among our own generations. I consider our branch as an oasis for that step.

Also, it is quite clear that a large number past pupils of Rahula are living in and around Colombo, who have yet to join our branch. They are either not aware of our existence or they have had no means of communicating with us. For them to learn about us, this web-site will be an ideal tool. I like to invite all of them to join us and widen the scope of Rahula brotherhood. Come and participate in our various activities. Be prepared to give leadership to the branch and its various sub-committees in the many years ahead of us.

Three cheers for Rahula and its banner, and long live the Rahula generations!


Anuja Karman Wickremasinghe (Contact no. 077 773 8644)

Colombo Branch of Rahula College Old Boys' Association

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